Young Woman Shares Video of Pastor Parents Criticizing Her for iPhone 8 Birthday Request


A young woman has posted a video of her parents, who are pastors, scolding her for requesting an iPhone 8 as a birthday gift.


In the video, her father can be heard advising her to consider selling her possessions, including her body if necessary, to acquire an iPhone if that’s what she desires. He repeatedly expressed his concern about not seeing any indication that his future is secure with her.


The father also pointed out that many individuals who gained admission to study medicine did not request an iPhone, while his daughter, who did not even secure admission to study Yoruba, is making such a request.



He further argued that most girls with such expensive phones are involved in questionable activities, and his daughter might follow the same path if she persists in her demand. According to him, his daughter should be requesting that he start saving money for her education instead of asking for a phone.

The girl’s mother sided with her husband, accusing her daughter of causing her nothing but distress.











Watch Video Below:

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