“You Got To Be Kidding Right?” Chat Leaks: Pregnant Lady Breaks Her Boyfriend’s Heart with a Sad Message


A lady’s sudden pregnancy announcement to her unaware boyfriend has sparked a social media frenzy.
@ManMilk2, who tweeted a screenshot of the message on the social media site Twitter, expressed disbelief along with other online users.
The lady began the conversation by informing her lover that she had missed her period and was therefore pregnant.
Her boyfriend initially assumed it was a joke, but after discovering that she wasn’t joking, he agreed to bear responsibility.
“Let me correct you… You’re not pregnant, WE are pregnant…We’re both responsible for the baby. I will support you and our baby,” his reply to her reads.
To everyone’s surprise, the lady responded to his lovely remarks by announcing that he is not the father of the unborn child.
See the chat below:

Social media reactions @TaintToucher21 said: “Dam*n like that guy was going to achieve greatness but got struck down hard.”
@EON73 said: “If not mine, WHY telling me instead of the owner who has exposed your hidden agenda? TRUST NOT MOST WOMEN!”
@yehhmisi said: “The good men always meet women that don’t deserve them.”
@JosueMontilla10 said: “Hey at least she didn’t tried to make him responsible.”
@prattweets10 said: “This hurt on multiple levels.”
@D3cimus said: “Been there. But told her there’s still a 1% it is mine, just keep it in mind…sure enough, 2 DNA tests by the other dude fail, and I’m a dad!! Lol great stuff!”
@mike27356894 said: “I get the guys intentions, but that was a bit out of line for him to say. The guy doesn’t have to sit through 9 grueling months of bloat, unstable emotions, cramping, constipation, and the pain of giving birth. “He’s not pregnant. She is. Sorry for his loss tho.”

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