“You can’t force me to marry you; I love someone else now” – Nigerian lady tells man who sponsored her education (Video)

Nigerian lady


A Nigerian lady has terminated her relationship with a man who financed her university education with the expectation of marrying her.

In a video posted on social media, a Nigerian lady named Maryvin expressed her stance, clarifying that even though the man had financially supported her education, she had no interest in marrying him. 

She emphasized that he was not entitled to marriage simply because he had provided for her education.

Nigerian lady

Maryvin conveyed her appreciation for the man’s kindness but stressed that it would not sway her decision in his favor.


She further elaborated that his family had frequently humiliated her, perceiving her only as a financial liability.

She recounted an incident where the man’s mother had bluntly informed him, in her presence, that he could not wed her when he introduced her as his fiancee.

Maryvin also disclosed that the man’s mother had prevented him from marrying her due to their discomfort with the fact that she did not have parents.

“I know he paid and I appreciate, Im grateful for paying my school fees Darlington, but for me to marry you, I cannot marry you and no one should beg me to marry you because I went through hell because of your family”. She said in part.

In another post, she advised the man to move forward, as she is now in love with someone else.

Nigerian lady

Watch her speak below,

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