Woman shows off her housemaid’s amazing before and one year after transformation (video)


A Nigerian woman identified as @MrsSenator recently took to social media to proudly show off the transformation of her housemaid in the span of one year since she began working for her.

The video included before and after photos of the housemaid, who was noticeably much healthier and had added weight as well as better-looking clothes.

The post gained many positive reactions from people online who praised the woman for treating her househelp so well.

@Ivysparkles123 commented, “Wow! Some of these housemaids are actually fine, but their conditions from their papa’s house had bent them. Mine transformed like this in 1 year too; my dad kept thanking me.”

Unfortunately, some netizens criticized the woman for employing an underage girl as a maid.


@joyaustin4743 wrote, “This is still nonsense. Why use her as a maid? She is a child. This is child labour. Why not show her off as an adopted daughter of yours. This is toxic and disgusting. These women that use children as maids should be clamped down by the government.”

[Watch the video here]

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