[Video]: “Burna Boy is sleazy, he is cheap, he is a thief, very unoriginal” – Brymo


Nigerian singer Brymo has sparked discussions online with his thoughts on fellow artist Burna Boy and his controversial comments regarding Afrobeat.


In a recent interview with TVC News, Brymo took issue with Burna Boy’s attempt to create a subgenre of Afrobeat based on the foundation laid by Fela Kuti.

Brymo argued that Afrobeat wasn’t merely a genre but a distinct musical style. He found it disrespectful for artists to modify it and claim supremacy in a field that didn’t originally belong to them.



Brymo pointed out, “I saw a video where he said he was the Jesus of Afrobeat and he elevated Davido and Wizkid to another level. I think he is sleazy, he is cheap, he is a thief, very unoriginal, very fake. Every song is a sample or a stolen slogan. Who does that?”


He further elaborated on his perspective, emphasizing that Afrobeat is a music style, not just a genre, and that Fela Kuti pioneered this genre. Brymo expressed concern about the trend of newer generations of musicians attempting to create their own centers of excellence within Afrobeat by merely adding an ‘S’ to it.


Brymo concluded by highlighting a broader issue in music, noting, “I think it’s a significant problem that we have, even in black American music. First, it was hip-hop, then it became rap, then it became trap. We just show up and try to remake what our older brother did; there should be continuity.”


You can watch his full statement in the video below.


Watch here

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