University of Alberta International Students Scholarships 2023/2024


International students who want to start their studies at the institution in the upcoming academic session can now apply for a number of admissions- and application-based scholarships.

Every year, the university gives $32 million in scholarships, honors, and financial aid to students of all backgrounds.

You are not exempt, whether you excel academically, serve as a leader in your community, or are a well-rounded student.

When you submit an application for admission, you will be considered for these scholarships.

When you receive an offer of admission, your eligibility will be determined by your high school entry average. We’ll determine whether you match the following criteria and many others.

Before submitting an application for any admission scholarships, you must first apply for an undergraduate degree program.

Sponsor(s) of the scholarship: University of Alberta, Canada

Awards to attend the University of Alberta in Canada

Scholarship: A payment for tuition

The scholarship is worth up to $6000 year.

Many awards were given out.

Undergraduate level of study

international pupils as their nationality.

University of Alberta International Scholarships 2023 | Application-based scholarships

These scholarships are automatically given to deserving students at the time of admission without a need for an application. Included among them are the following:

  • * International Admission Scholarship: Outstanding students may be eligible to receive up to $5,000 CDN, based on the admissions average.
  • * Regional Excellence Scholarship: Depending on their admissions average, top students from particular regions may be eligible to win up to $5,000 CDN.
  • * Gold Standard Scholarship: Depending on the admissions average, the top 5% of students in each faculty may receive up to $6,000.

Application Methods

How to Apply: Interested and qualified applicants must submit an application for admission to the University of Alberta in Canada’s undergraduate degree programs. After receiving an offer of admission from the university, they will be informed of their award offer based on their academic achievement.

Deadline for applications: January 11, 2023

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