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“Una kill Mohbad dey enjoy life none of una go live long” Nigerians React to Mohbad’s Death in Sam Larry’s Instagram Comments

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Angry Nigerians expressed outrage on social media, particularly on Sam Larry’s Instagram post, following the death of musician Mohbad. Naira Marley, Sam Larry, and Zinoleeksy faced heavy criticism after Mohbad’s passing, which put them in a difficult position as they still needed public support for their music. Zinoleeksy, in particular, struggled to regain his footing after facing allegations related to Mohbad’s death.

Meanwhile, Sam Larry, a promoter and influencer, seemed to have moved on from the incident, as he was seen back in Lagos, especially in his neighborhood, Lagos Island, despite receiving death threats.


Despite the police clearing their names, fans continued to harbor resentment towards the trio. Negative comments flooded their social media posts, especially Zinoleeksy’s, although he recently celebrated his 24th birthday.

A fan’s hateful comment on Sam Larry’s recent Instagram post, where he, Naira Marley, and Zinoleeksy were seen laughing, stirred controversy. The comment, “Una Kill Mohbad Dey Enjoy Life None Of Una Go Live Long,” reflects the intense displeasure many feel towards these celebrities.

Not only were the three implicated in Mohbad’s death, but Mohbad’s father, wife, and mother were also suspected of involvement. Influencer Verydarkman even conducted an unauthorized investigation, questioning Mohbad’s wife about the paternity of their son, Liam. Mohbad’s mother, Abosede, alleged that both Naira Marley and Sam Larry contributed to her son’s death, claiming he never knew peace because of them.

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Abosede recounted incidents where Naira Marley and Sam Larry allegedly mistreated Mohbad, leading to his hospitalization and other health issues. Despite pleas for justice, the situation remains complex and contentious.