“Those Who Are Too Smart Don’t Remain Married”: Nigerian Doctor’s Advice on How to Have a Happy Marriage


A Nigerian doctor, Dr. Akpoki, has shared his thoughts on the key ingredient for a successful marriage. He says that it takes “some level of stupidity” to stay married, because it requires a lot of forbearance and tolerance.

Dr. Akpoki, who has been married for 38 years, says that highly logical and intelligent people may find it difficult to sustain a long-lasting marriage. This is because they may be more likely to focus on the flaws of their partner, rather than their strengths.

He also says that it is important to be able to control your temper and say sorry, even when you are right. This is because arguments are inevitable in any marriage, but it is important to be able to resolve them in a healthy way.

Dr. Akpoki’s advice is certainly unconventional, but it is also thought-provoking. He is right to say that marriage is not easy, and that it requires a lot of work from both partners. However, he also believes that it is possible to have a happy and fulfilling marriage, even if you are not the smartest person in the world.

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