“This is disheartening, diabolism?” – Woman cries out after N20K mysteriously vanished from her piggy bank


A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to cry out after over N20,000 she has been saving in her piggy bank mysteriously disappeared.

The woman, identified on Facebook as Adaobi Amandi, said she bought the wooden saving box, popularly known as Kolo, for her son a while back to teach him the act of saving.

She claimed to have been depositing money into the box and is certain that she has managed to save roughly N20,000.

However, she met the shock of her life when she decided to open the box after the CBN announced its plan to redesign the naira.

She said when she opened the box, all the money she had put in it had disappeared, leaving her with a 10-naira note that had been cut in half.


The distraught woman, while sharing the quite bizarre incident, said she had heard of such weird incidents happening to people but had never taken them seriously until it happened to her.

Read her full narration below,

“So I’ve been hearing about this.. But I’ve never witnessed it nor believed it… I bought a saving box from a vendor here on Facebook…It was a gift for David to teach him to start saving. Because of the recent talk about spending old notes before they expire, I decided to help David break it open and pay into the bank.

“There should have been at least 18 to 20k inside that box… But what I found was half of a N10 note!!! If this didn’t happen to me… I wouldn’t have believed it. I know where I kept that box and it’s just David and I who are here… the way the box was made, you’d know if someone opened it.

“The only reason why I haven’t tagged the vendor yet is I don’t want to seem like I’m accusing someone of diabolism. NEVER AGAIN would | buy anything of this sort from anyone. David is very upset and was so excited to see just how much he saved. This is very disheartening.”

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