“This child was born in the 80s” – Little girl blows minds as she dances beautifully to Ayra Starr’s song, Sability


A Nigerian girl has taken the internet by storm with her adorable dance moves to Ayra Starr’s hit song, “Sability.” The video, shared on TikTok by user @Nancyhyde, has garnered thousands of views and left netizens in awe of the little girl’s talent.

In the video, the little girl can be seen grooving to the beat, effortlessly executing a variety of dance moves that perfectly complement the music. Her infectious energy and joyful expression have won over countless hearts.

The TikTok user who shared the video urged viewers to tag Ayra Starr in the comments, hoping to get the singer’s attention. She wrote in the caption, “Please tag Sabi girl, make she see this Sabi girl.”

And the internet did not disappoint. The video has been flooded with comments praising the little girl’s talent and wondering how someone so young could be so gifted. Some even joked that she must be an ancestor or reincarnation.

Here are some of the heartwarming comments:


@Bobby kay 🇺🇸 🇬🇧: “Una go just Dey born our ancestors 😁”

@MummyJ: “where are these babies coming from abeg? 😀❤️”

@user7382514911561: “I’m convinced God no dey create babies anymore 😁😁this is real reincarnated 🥰🥰🥰”


@Lydia Owusu: “This child was born in the 80s”

@Sassheart: “is she really a kid or ancestors 😳😳 Go girlllll🥰”

@tasha shannah: “Babies for today they dey confuse me😌😌”

Watch the video below to witness this little dancing sensation for yourself.

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