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Tacha Calls Out Headies Organizers for ‘Disrespecting’ Nigeria by Hosting Award Show in the US Back-to-Back

By john cee 59 Views

Reality TV star and entrepreneur Tacha has called out the organizers of the Headies for hosting the award ceremony in the United States for two consecutive years. In a video she shared on social media, Tacha said that the decision to hold the award show in the US is disrespectful to Nigeria and its music industry.


Tacha acknowledged that last year’s decision to host the Headies in the US made sense, as Afrobeats was gaining popularity in the country. However, she said that there is no justification for holding the award show in the US again this year.

“What is this slave mentality?” Tacha asked. “Why do we keep taking our awards to the US? Why can’t they come to Nigeria and host it here?”

Tacha also drew a parallel with the BET Awards, an American award show that celebrates African American and other minority performers. She pointed out that the BET Awards have never been held in Africa, and that African artists are often given their awards backstage, rather than on the main stage.

“This is what they do to us,” Tacha said. “They make us feel like we are not good enough.”

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