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Steps to Work as a Nurse in the UK from Nigeria in 2023 (Full Guide)

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Anyone looking to relocate to the UK to pursue a nursing career has a variety of options.


If you’re from Nigeria and want to work as a nurse in the UK, you could find the application procedure difficult and demanding, especially if you have no prior job experience.

Nonetheless, it would be great if you didn’t become disheartened since in this post, we’ll show you how to become a nurse in the UK from Nigeria and other useful details.

If you have any questions or require more clarification, please let me know in the comment section.

Nursing in the UK

You should work as a registered nurse in the UK for a number of reasons, some of which are noted below:

* Excellent income

* Flexibility

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* Growth and Development

* High Employment Rate

High Employment Rate

As was previously said, nursing is a fashionable profession in the UK, and the National Health Service (NHS) needs more nurses each year to meet the nation’s healthcare demands.

As long as you possess the necessary credentials, you won’t need to worry about job searching because this vocation will always be in demand.

You will also have 100% job security once you get a job.

Good Income

In the UK, nursing is a profession that can provide you with a steady salary to meet your demands.

Nonetheless, your salary is determined by your credentials, abilities, and job description.

It’s interesting that the average RN income in the UK is around £25,000, which, depending on your lifestyle, is a lot of money for you.


The nursing field is dynamic. If it were the case, a large number of people would have chosen to leave long ago since they couldn’t stand the boring routine for very long.

As a result, as long as you have the necessary credentials, you can choose to specialize as a nurse in any area that appeals to you.

For instance, among other things, you can decide to become a theatre nurse, midwife nurse, or mental nurse!

In addition, you have a choice between working night shifts from 9 to 5 or rotating shifts, giving you flexibility in your work schedule.

Growth and Development

The NHS gives nurses the chance to advance their education and professional development.

Your career goals can be planned for and pursued, and you have access to an assessment of your personal progress.

You can take advantage of top-notch courses, accumulate additional experience, etc. that will advance your profession.

Application Guide for a Nursing  Job in the UK

There are a few processes you must complete before you may work as a Nigerian nurse in the UK. These actions comprise:

1. Prepare your passport

2. Pass the English Proficiency Examination

3. Become a member of the NMC

4. Pay the assessment fee.

5. Check Your Information With the NMCN

6. Complete the CBT Test

  1. uploading your documents to the NMC website

8. Pay the NMC Registration Fee

9. Submit a nursing job application 10. Obtain a UK work visa

11. Complete the OSCE test

Get Your Passport Ready

You should apply at the immigration office or online if you don’t yet have a passport.

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The processing of your passport could take weeks, depending on a number of unique circumstances..

Take the English Proficiency Test

Since English is the official language of the UK, you must demonstrate that you are fluent in it.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) recognizes two categories of language tests:

Tests of English as a Foreign Language (IELTS)

Test of Occupational English (OET)

If you take the IELTS, which costs roughly $83,000, you must achieve a minimum overall score of 7, a minimum writing score of 6.5, and a minimum reading, listening, and speaking score of 7.

A minimum grade C+ in the writing portion and a minimum grade B in the listening, speaking, and reading passages are required if you plan to take the OET, which costs around 150,000.

Register With the NMC

You must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in order to practice nursing in the UK (NMC).

Before registering on the website, it is essential to read the registration requirements.

As you go, you’ll get all the information you need. Start your application as soon as you get the checklist.

Keep in mind that if you are a registered nurse, you should register as a “Adult Nurse”.

If you are an expert in the field, you can also choose Children, Mental Health, or Learning Difficulties.

Pay the Evaluation Fee

Upon the submission of your data, you must pay the £140 evaluation fee.

Verify Your Details With the NMCN

It would be best to confirm your nursing credentials with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

The following documents are necessary:

* Copies of registration certificates.

* A copy of the most recent license.

* A photocopy of your birth certificate, or in the absence of one, a statement of your age.

* Receiving of $17,500 from REMITA for payment to NMCN

* A completed verification form. * An application stating the purpose and location of the verification.

Submit your payment receipt and other supporting documentation after paying the charge via Remita and watch for them to be confirmed.

Depending on the situation, verification typically takes a few weeks or months.

Keep in mind that you must send a letter to the NMCN requesting good standing.

The NMCN must receive this letter properly addressed, with your full name and the reason for writing, as well as your CRM number, which can be located on the top left corner of the mail you received from the NMC after paying the evaluation cost.

Take the CBT Exam

You can use Pearson Vue to take the computer-based test after your verification is finished.

The exam is £83 and consists of 120 multiple-choice questions covering general nursing theory relevant to the UK, such as child and adult nursing, mental health, leadership, communication, nursing ethics, etc.

You may take this exam in Nigeria up to three times; however, the application period will be over.

Your outcome will be available in two days and is good for two years.

Remember that you can reapply to the NMC after a minimum of six (6) months, but you will need to pay your costs in full again if you don’t pass the exam after three attempts.

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Upload Your Documents on the NMC Website

Your results from the language proficiency test, your police clearance certificate, your nursing certificate or notification (if you don’t yet have the certificate), and the contact information for a medical regulator, or doctor, must all be uploaded to the NMC website.

Pay the NMC Registration Fee

After uploading the necessary documentation, pay the £153 registration fee.

Your medical regulator will mail you the health declaration once the payment has been received.

Before you send a letter, make sure you have notified this person.

With the NMC site, you may track your application’s progress.

Apply for a Nursing Job

You can now submit a job application to start working in the UK.

Following your application, a virtual interview would be organized for you, and if you were selected, you would receive an employment letter.

This letter includes details on your position, compensation, terms of employment, and extra benefits, among other pertinent information.

When you sign this letter, make sure you read it carefully, take into account any unique circumstances, and ask any necessary questions.

Keep in mind that after you sign it, both you and your employer are bound by it.

Get Your UK Work Visa

Apply for a visa and provide the necessary paperwork.

Your visa application will require the following documents, among others:

* Photographs for passports

The tuberculosis test result is valid six (6) months prior to arrival in the UK. International passport.

* The price is roughly $57,000.

* Police clearance document. It costs about 15,000 and has a three-month expiration date.

CoS, or Certificate of Sponsorship. Your company might pick up the tab for this. Inform your employer if you want to travel to the UK with your dependents so that your CoS can safeguard them.

* Receipt for Visa charge

Take the OSCE Exam

You will be registered for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) by your company once you arrive in the UK. You would participate in several training sessions that will aid in your exam success. If you pass, you will obtain your NMC Personal Identity Number and be recognized as a Registered Nurse (Band 5 nurse) in the UK (PIN).

Finding a UK Nursing Job

It may be difficult to find a nursing career in the UK because it will likely involve time, money, and effort.

Yet, you might lessen the burden by getting assistance.

The following methods exist in the UK for finding nursing employment:

UK Job Websites

Via job websites, you can look for excellent nursing positions.

You can tailor your job search to your preferences, including location, hourly rates, pay ranges, and more.

You can also view information about the employer, the job description, etc.

The following are some of the leading websites for nursing jobs:

Private Hospitals or Care Homes

You can work in a private hospital in the UK if you don’t wish to work for the NHS.

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You can email them or use their websites to get in touch with them.

Some private hospitals and nursing homes may charge more than the NHS.

Always choose what will be beneficial for you in the long term.

Building a Nursing CV

A strong CV is one way that can improve your chances of finding a nursing position more quickly.

It would be excellent if you wrote a strong CV that would impress potential employers.

You can use online CV builders to make one if you don’t know how to go about it.

For instance, you can use the CV builder on


It is a good thing to want to work as a nurse in the UK because there are numerous advantages.

The UK requires more nurses to work each year, which is why.

Nonetheless, the process of applying to the NMC, finding employment, moving, etc., may appear difficult.

But, it would be helpful if you didn’t stress over it because we have already covered everything you need to know to make the procedure simpler.

All you have to do to have a trouble-free time is adhere to the religious rules.

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