Speed Darlington ridicules Mohbad, saying he was weak and could have defended himself.


Speed Darlington, a rapper known for stirring controversy, made fun of the late and talented singer Mohbad, calling him weak.

Videos of the musician’s former label boss, Naira Marley, and his assistant Sam Larry mistreating him circulated online. The singer faced mistreatment from them before his tragic death.

Speed Darlington criticized Mohbad, referring to him as a weakling because he didn’t stand up to his bullies, like Naira Marley and his crew. According to Speed Darlington, bullies tend to target individuals they believe they can easily control and overpower. He went on to advise parents to raise strong and resilient children, rather than those who can be easily intimidated.

In his view, it’s essential to ensure that your child can handle themselves confidently. He expressed his concern over seeing videos of someone who is now deceased, saying things like, “If anything happens to me, Naira Marley and his boys…” Darlington found it puzzling that Mohbad didn’t stand up for himself, referring to him as a “weakling.”



Speed Darlington pointed out that bullies typically assess their potential victims before attacking and avoid those who might fight back.

He suggested that if Mohbad had stood up to his tormentors or resisted their bullying in some way, they might have stopped bothering him.


Darlington extended his condolences to the deceased singer and urged parents to instill strength and resilience in their children, emphasizing that raising weak individuals shouldn’t be an option.

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