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Some women who lose their lives in abusive marriages deserve it – Tega Dominic speaks on domestic violence

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By Olamide 34 Views

Reality TV star, Tega Dominic, has seemingly chastised Women who choose to stay in abusive marriages with the hope that the man would change or because they simply want to stay married.

According to the BBNaija star, these type of women deserve what they get .. and what they get include but are not limited to “mental and physical de@th.”


Her post reads;

Most women go through the most all because the MRS tag or he will change, lol, the end of it is de.ath, physically or mentally, just so you know, revival after mental de.ath is worse than actual dying, we women no dy hear word.

Abeg o! Drop me o, after all, what do I know?

Next they will say our mothers that stayed nkor? Have you asked your mother how she is feeling deep down?

Bloody Narcissist>

Sometimes I always think some women deserve what they get because them no gree get sense. Na to drive Benz and Lexus dey hungry you, tchewww. Just so you know, if you die, na mechanic go first drive am before they give it out.

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