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Singer Peter Okoye blasts people who attribute his success to Lagos state.

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By Marks Beejay 40 Views

Famous Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye also known as Mr P, has blasted individuals who are quick to link his success to living in Lagos state.

In a message shared on his official Twitter account, the singer said that he has been called a “ingrate” by residents of Lagos who accuse him of ignoring the contribution Lagos has made to his success and tell him to go back to his native Anambra.


In response to his critics, Peter stated that the majority of them were still living in poverty in the same Lagos where they claimed he became wealthy. Then he enquired as to if it was prohibited for them to achieve success in Lagos as well.
He tweeted,

“You made it in LAGOS!
You guys made it in LAGOS!
If not for LAGOS!
You are an ingrate!
Go back to Anambra! yen yen yen!
But you are Broke in your same LAGOS!
Abi dem forbid you to make am for LAGOS?
Go and lick your wounds!
After elections 2023 we go still dey alright!”

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