Sellling meat and iPhone 15 how? – Reactions as people refuse to patronize meat seller because he owns an Iphone 15 (VIDEO)


A video circulating online has caught the attention of internet users, prompting many to share their thoughts in the comments section.

The video, posted on TikTok by @aydtalker, shows a young man seated on a motorcycle with his meat displayed in front of him. He is holding what appears to be an iPhone 15.

The meat seller claims that people are refusing to buy his meat because he owns an iPhone 15.

He captioned the video “Una no wan buy meat from me because I dey use Iphone 15.” (Translation: “You guys don’t want to buy meat from me because I use an iPhone 15.”)


Responding to the video, some netizens expressed their reluctance to patronize the vendor, questioning the type of meat he is selling.

Here are some of the reactions:

@officialmro: “Na the remaining of person wey you use you wan cut for us😂😂😂” (Translation: “Are you going to cut up the leftovers of the person you used to buy the iPhone 15 for us? 😂”)

@Big Uptii: “I never ready chop human meat” (Translation: “I’m not ready to eat human flesh.”)

@MR S.C.O.P.E😎😈: “If na go buy?😂” (Translation: “If it were you, would you buy from yourself? 😂”)

@Bro Think He Carti: “you never tell us the kinds of meat you are selling😭💀” (Translation: “You haven’t told us what kind of meat you’re selling 😭💀”)

@Confidence innocent: “I reject the meat with the blood of Jesus” (Translation: “I reject the meat in the name of Jesus.”)

@Hassan: “Belike human meat 🥩 I no buy” (Translation: “It looks like human meat 🥩 I’m not buying.”)

@Dè Êmpêrõr: “Sellling meat and iPhone 15 how?” (Translation: “Selling meat and an iPhone 15, how is that possible?“)

@David hadi Baiye: “You even use BECAUSE😳😳😳” (Translation: “You even used the word ‘BECAUSE’? 😳😳😳”)  

Watch the video below.

“Video of Meat-seller using IPhone 15” Click to watch Video

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