Samklef pledges to provide food for 12 people once justice is served for Mohbad by the police.


Samklef, the well-known singer and music producer, has expressed his plans for a celebration once the police bring justice for the late Afrobeats singer Mohbad’s death.

He shared this intention on his Twitter page, explaining that he intends to mark this occasion by providing meals for 12 individuals.

This gesture is his way of commemorating justice being served when those suspected of involvement in Mohbad’s passing are held accountable. It reflects his desire to support and bring positivity during a difficult time for the music community.

Samklef has outlined the individuals he suspects to be involved in Mohbad’s case, including the singer’s former boss, Naira Marley, Sam Larry, the nurse who administered treatment, the hospital staff, Mohbad’s family members (father, mother, and wife), and Mohbad’s manager.



He expressed his plans for celebration once justice is served for Mohbad. Samklef intends to provide meals for a group of 12 people in recognition of this milestone. He also commended the diligent efforts of the police and emphasized the importance of unity in achieving remarkable outcomes.

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