Roadside Mechanic’s Girlfriend Returns to Nigeria After 3 Years in the UK (Video)


Segun, a roadside mechanic in Nigeria, was overjoyed when his girlfriend, Ngozi, returned to Nigeria after three years in the UK. The two had been dating for several years before Ngozi left to study for her Master’s Degree. Segun had sponsored her education, and he had been eagerly awaiting her return.

When Ngozi arrived at Segun’s workshop, he was so surprised that he didn’t know what to say. She had brought him a cake and a gift, and she told him that she wanted to patch things up between them. She had gotten a good job in the UK, and she wanted to use her money to help Segun improve his life.

Segun was incredibly touched by Ngozi’s gesture. He had never stopped loving her, and he was so happy to have her back in his life. The two of them hugged and kissed, and they vowed to never be apart again.

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