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SaidaBoj Dances the Night Away After Loosing her Social Media Account, Sparking Mixed Reactions

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  • SaidaBoj, a social media influencer, has been suspended from TikTok and Instagram due to her controversial comments.
  • Despite her suspension, SaidaBoj appears unbothered and has been seen partying with friends in a new video.
  • In the video, SaidaBoj reaffirms her statement that women deserve more from men, sparking another round of reactions online.

SaidaBoj has finally spoken out after her social media accounts were taken down across various platforms. Despite the setback, the influencer appears carefree, enjoying a night out with friends in a new video.

SaidaBoj reaffirmed her controversial statement about women deserving more from men, sparking another round of reactions online. Recall that TikTok suspended her account due to inflammatory comments, and Instagram recently followed suit, removing her profile from their platform.

SaidaBoj Unfazed After Social Media Suspension


In a recent video, SaidaBoj doubled down on her statement, insisting women deserve better treatment from their male partners. “I meant what I said, and I’ll repeat it even if you wake me up at 2 am – Ladies deserve more,” she wrote in the caption. Watch the video of SaidaBoj partying below:

Netizens react to SaidaBoj’s viral video

Theteleblog captured some of the reactions that trailed the video. Read them below:

“Baddie wey dey drink beer na senior man.”


“Abi make we report any blogg that post her from now???”


“I bet she’s pained.”

niffy_ pius

“Dey there dey drink beer like widOw.”


“I love how she’s pretending to be fine.”


“Dey drink beer to bear the pain.”


“When she leave their presence, na only she go Dey house Dey think am, them no Dey think for person.”


“Omo no reason she’s trying to light up her mood…do u knw what it means to loose 3 accounts.. de play my fans u r pained.”

emmie_the _creator:

What transpired between SaidaBoj and Dat Warri Girl also reported that Dat Warri Girl criticised the viral internet sensation for her controversial views.

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The comedian slammed SaidaBoj and pointed out that with her tactics in billing men, she wasn’t putting on any visible gold to display her wealth.

However, SaidaBoj responded in a video, hurling shades at the content creator and warning her never to interfere in her case.

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