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“Person wey dem won help” Man Surprised after receiving outrageous money request from a hotel cleaner (VIDEO)

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A Nigerian man, identified as @mr_softzino12 on TikTok, has expressed shock and disbelief after receiving an extravagant request from a hotel cleaner he intended to assist. The cleaner, who sought financial support to open a beauty store, submitted an estimate of ₦9.6 million, leaving the young man stunned.

The list of items required for the beauty store, with estimates in millions, raised concerns about the cleaner’s sense of entitlement and mental stability. The young man questioned how someone who earns a modest income as a hotel cleaner could justify such an excessive request.


Viewers on TikTok have shared similar sentiments, with many agreeing that the list is unreasonable and the cleaner’s expectations are unrealistic. Some have suggested that the young man should offer what he can afford and let the cleaner seek additional funding elsewhere.

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