“No woman steals another woman’s man. A man is like the holy spirit, he settles where there is peace” – Nigerian lady says


A Nigerian lady, identified as Ebiere Yousuo, is of the opinion that no woman can ‘steal’ another woman’s boyfriend or husband.

In a post she shared on Facebook, Ebiere claimed that women don’t snatch another woman’s man, rather men go for the women who gives him peace.

She wrote, “No woman steals another woman’s man. A man is like the holy spirit. He settles where there is peace”.

However, the post has generated clashing opinions online as some netizens opine that a man can be married to a woman who gives him peace and still cheat on her.

An IG user @the_kiki2 wrote, “Give some men the peace in the world, they’ll still settle for a troublesome person with big yansh ”


@derickosa wrote, “Men will set fire on their own house and be looking for peace elsewhere . Love your partner and treat her with respect. You will always find peace. Happy wife happy life . Men wanna be in relationship and still be outside. U can’t eat your cake and still have it . Most men tho not all .”

@_its_adaoma wrote, “There is no criteria to keep a man,men only stay where they choose to stay,if you like be peaceful as a dove it still won’t keep a man who doesn’t want to stay.”

@serahclara wrote, “All this peace talk here and there. You guys should understand that ladies too need a man that’ll give them peace too. No woman was born mad. Most times a woman react the way she does when she has taken in too much rubbish from the man. Women to love it when their men is their safe place. A man shouldn’t be misbehaving and still espect peace for God’s sake.”

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