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“No be every time investment, try dey carry y@nsh” – Rapper Erigga advices young men.

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Nigerian rapper and singer, Erhiga Agarivbie, popularly known as Erigga, has given young men a unique investment advice on how to spend their money.

The rapper took to his Twitter account to remind men not to always think about investing every money they make and put it into other exciting activities.


Read his tweet here:

“Anytime u cash out try dey use 10% carry nyash no be every time investment, people dey d!e too no forget”

Read reactions to his tweet below:

Ese wrote, “This tweet isn’t encouraging, you mean even people who earn/cashout small amount of money should take a % out of it, after that they go broke, damn this isn’t nice, this tweet shouldn’t be from you.”

Efficiency wrote, “Last time I cash out my 10% was 2k which kind nyansh that one go carry?”

Kwame wrote, “Meanwhile he isn’t among the riches musicians is like writing a book on how to make money meanwhile your bank account is laughing at you”

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Prince wrote, “this guy, has little or No worries as to which he is willing to enjoy his life to the fullest. His lyrics to his songs are just as he puts them out in real life tweets. #LostBoy indeed.”

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