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Nigerian man shares how he dealt with his ex-girlfriend who dumped him eight years ago

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A Nigerian businessman has opened up about how he dealt with his ex-girlfriend who ended their relationship eight years ago because she didn’t see a future with him.



The man, known as Mazi Chiemena Samuel, shared that his ex-girlfriend broke up with him because she had a goal of getting married before turning 24, and it seemed unlikely with him at the time.


Fast forward eight years, he is now happily married with a child, while his ex remains single at the age of 27.

In response to her decision to leave him, he found a way to obtain her phone number after achieving success in life. He began showcasing his happy family, wife, and children to her. He shared his story on Facebook, saying:

“I had an ex who rejected me, claiming she couldn’t see a future with me and that she wanted to get married before turning 24. I’m sorry to say that I am now happily married to a beautiful wife with a lovely daughter, while she remains unmarried at 27. I found a way to get her number and added her on WhatsApp so she could see my status updates. Sometimes, if she ignored my status, I would message her and ask about her family. She would inquire about mine, and I would proudly mention my wife and daughter. She would send her greetings, and I would smile. I recall using a Tecno K9 phone at the time, while she had an Infinix phone that a guy had bought for her. That guy must have influenced her choice of phone. Fast forward 7-8 years, the value of Android phones decreased, and iPhones became popular. She now uses an iPhone X, which is impressive, but my wife has an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The day I purchased a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max for my wife, I posted it on my WhatsApp. She didn’t view it. The next day, I posted it again and tagged only her to ensure she saw it. When a girl leaves you, don’t be disheartened. Make sure she doesn’t find you at the same level she left you.”

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