Nigerian man reportedly deported for k!lling parrot one month after relocating to Canada


A Nigerian man has reportedly been deported from Canada for k!lling a parrot within one month of relocating to the North American country.

A Twitter user, @Dr Olusesan, who shared the story on Twitter, claimed the man inadvertently k!lled the parrot, and since the bird had a GPS tracker, it was easy to track him.

“Them deport person from Canada within one month on arrival because e go k!ll pet parrot wey wear GPS tracker. Like, are you blind?” Olusesam tweeted.

Reacting to the tweet, a Twitter user identified as Aluko Olami narrated a similar incident in Qatar.

According to Aluko, a Nigerian man was also deported from Qatar in 2012 after being found guilty of k!lling a cat.


“The same thing happened here in Qatar around 2012, One of our country man will just went out at midnight to kill cats to make soup. He has been doing it so long before police get him one night. He was deported too.The funny thing is he was doing good job of around $3k at the time.” He wrote.

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