Nigerian man refuses to help follower who begged for N1,000 after discovering he’s a Tinubu supporter


A Nigerian man publicly scorned a follower after learning that he was a supporter of the president-elect Bola Tinubu.

The follower, who addressed him as his “big bro,” had reached out in the comment section of his post asking for financial assistance of N1,000, saying he was in dire straits.

Sharing his account details, the follower wrote, “Big bro Please can you assist me with 1k it would bring me joy things are very hard for me Account 9073***375 opay please”

But the man @Dr_Chazduke investigated the follower’s background and, upon discovering his admiration for Tinubu, refused to help him due to their differing values.

The man, said to be a staunch supporter of Tinubu’s rival, Peter Obi, wrote,

“Hell No, I can’t assist someone that admires a character like Tinubu.
I’m not your bro, we don’t share anything in common”


This sparked controversy online and many reprimanded him for denying the follower aid on such grounds.

Out of sympathy, multiple people granted the follower financial help, insisting politics is no reason to be cruel to those in need.

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