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Nigerian Lady narrated how her mother changed her photographer last minute on her Wedding Introduction because he was too expensive

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A Nigerian lady has shared the story of what her mother did when she informed her she had contracted a photographer who billed her N55, 000 to take photos at her introduction last year.

Taking to Twitter, The lady said;


Story of how my Nigerian mum shocked me on my introduction day last year.
So my introduction was this day last year and we had to travel down to Offa from Lagos for it. Myself and hubby alongside a few other friends arrived Offa around 7:30pm and drove for more than 6hrs
Looking for an hotel to sleep (all the good and bad hotels were fully booked, I think they like Shina (fornication) in that place cos WTF!!!). We finally got a manageable hotel to sleep around 12:30/1am midnight and we had to manage few rooms.

My introduction was fixed for 11am so I had instructed my mum to bring my photographer along in her car since she was coming into Offa the same day of the introduction. We all agreed on this alongside my photographer. As a very happy bride, I woke up around 7am
Was really stressed from traveling the previous day but I had to wake up early enough to start my makeup since my makeup artist also came a day before and we stayed in the same hotel.

So we started my makeup around 7:30am, and it was going well while I was expecting my mum to come in with my photographer latest by 8:30am so we can shoot very nice pictures at the hotel before going to the venue.

At 8am, I called my mum to find out where they were and she said they were like 1hr away from Offa and will meet us up before 9:30am. I was hopeful they’ll Meet up and just to reconfirm, I asked her if she was with my photographer and she said yes, that they were together in the car and will soon be there. My makeup artist continued, and I was enjoying every bit of her expertise till my phone rang around 9:30. GUESS WHO CALLED ME??

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My photographer guys, it was my photographer that called and said “sister Odun, I’ve not seen mummy o, I’ve been calling her since but she is not taking her calls, how am I supposed to make Offa before 11am if she has not picked me up by this time”. Ahhh, my head rang!!

Shey na play be this abi na my ears dey pain me?? But my mum said you guys were 1hr away now, what’s going on here? My body started shaking so I ended the call and called my mum who immediately told me they were 10min away from the hotel address

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Then I asked her about my photographer and why he wasn’t picked up. Guess what my mum said, she said she is not coming with my photographer since I told her the photographer charged 55k for the event and it was too much for just a small introduction, so she decided
to get another one that Someone introduced to her in Osogbo that charged her 10k for the whole event and they were almost at the hotel.

Brethren, at this point, I started crying and the entire makeup we have been doing for 2hrs was a total mess. Yes guys, you heard right
My mum changed my photographer to a 10k photographer from Osogbo that she has never met before or seen her job before. Ohhh God, I cried, and crode. My mum came in few minutes after the call and met me crying and saw everyone (my husband, friends and family) begging me to stop crying. You know Nigerian mothers now, they’re never wrong.

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Instead of her to admit and try to persuade me to continue, she even faced the makeup artist to tell her that the makeup should not be much so the picture the Isonu photographer will take will be cool.

I wish I was an American that day ( you guys know what I would have done if I was). I sha stopped crying after much begging and the makeup artist had to manage my swollen face like that after much crying. I was bent on the fact that the photographer should not move near me or even try to take me any pictures atall. So I told a friend that came with an iPhone to take me pictures all through the event so I can give my photographer to work on them afterwards.

Since I was already very late, my dad’s family were already calling incessantly cos hubby’s family were already seated and have been waiting. Omo, I was sad, angry and disappointed at the same time so I was already shouting at anyone who called my phone from the venue. They sha collected my phone make I no go abuse ebi oko (husband’s family).

We got to the venue and guess what?? My mum brought her isonu photographer there. My friends begged me to allow the photographer take the pictures so I don’t make a scene in the presence of my hubby’s family so I agreed while I also ensured my friend took me phone pictures.

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After the party, the isonu photographer sha started fighting my mum that she can’t take 10k again o, that it’s now 15k since she didn’t know the event will be that big. At this point, I started laughing at them, na una know where una take see each other so deal with it.

They sha settled it and said they will give the isonu photographer the 15k laidat o. After 1week, madam photographer sent me 5pictures promising to send the rest the following day. Immediately I saw the pictures, I told her not to bother sending me any picture again, she should send it to the person that invited her and paid her for the job well done. I’ll be posting few of the pictures and how I learnt my lessons of not telling my Nigerian parent the prices of my stuffs in a very hard way.

For putting me and my husband on heavenly background, God will judge you. We dinnor even do this introduction in heaven, we did it in Offa.

Madam photographer, why am I on a pink background beside flower vase?? I thought my intro was in my father’s house. My leg no dey even touch ground.