Nigerian graduate rejects her boyfriend’s marriage proposal and car gift on signing out day (video)



On her signing-out day, a young Nigerian graduate created quite a stir at her school when she declined her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, despite his efforts to surprise her with a car gift and ask for her hand in marriage during her final exam.

Upon completing her final exam, the romantic suitor delighted her with a Toyota Camry, accompanied by a cake adorned with the heartfelt message “Will you marry me?”


Nevertheless, she promptly declined his proposal and made an effort to hand back the cake, yet he hesitated, attempting to plead his case. 

The young woman, however, remained resolute, decisively discarding the cake onto the floor, and then abruptly departed from the scene, leaving her boyfriend astounded by her unexpected actions.


A video of the embarrassing moment she turned down the proposal in the presence of her school mates, who were cheering her on to say ‘YES’ has gone viral online.

Watch below,

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