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Netizens Tackle Boss As Apprentice Kneel Down With Her Toddler For Being Late To Work (WATCH)

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A trending video of a young lady kneeling down on the street with her toddler for being late to work has caused controversy online as netizens tackle the boss for humiliating her apprentice and the little girl.

The lady, who happened to be a full-grown woman is apparently an apprentice at a hairdressing salon but unfortunately arrived to work late.


Her boss proceeded to discipline her in order to stop her from coming late often. The young lady could be seen kneeling in an inconvenient position in front of the saloon with her toddler playing around her

However, Internet users have tackled the boss for disciplining her apprentice in her child’s presence, regarding it as humiliation. Many explained that the boss should have devised another means to punish her instead of kneeling outside.

Viewers opine that the lady is being sympathized with because of her child even though she must abide by the boss’s rules and also get disciplined for going against the rules.

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@Teeman12x There are so many opinions here If you want to learn work, there are rules, and you have to abide by it You are only pitying her cuz she has a daughte

@healthycorner_1 Bosses like this still exist? Dirty discipline Púnishing a full grown adult like a little kid, on the road?

@badinflu3nc3_ Discipline is necessary. Next time she will come early

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@Slyman_Lambo Which one is with her daughter 

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