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“My wife can che@t, but she shouldn’t leave my house. Let people still see us as husband and wife” – Actor Sola Gaji reveals during an interview

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In a recent interview, Yoruba film actor Sola Olaibi Gaji caused a stir with his comments about marriage. Here’s a breakdown of his views, phrased in a similar way to the original quote:

Actor Sola Gaji said on the podcast Talk to B that even if his wife cheated, he would still expect her to stay at home and act as his spouse.


Known for his comedic roles, Gaji says he’s willing to forgive infidelity on the condition that his wife continues to live with him.

Here’s a key point he made:

Sola Gaji: “Even in all the places we’ve lived, people never thought my wife (Mummy Eniola) was really my wife – they thought she was my younger sister! That would bother me if my partner wouldn’t let me be with her anymore. You only see how stubborn I can be when someone hurts me…”

Basically, he says having a wife at home is important to him, even if she’s seeing someone else.

He goes on to say:

Sola Gaji: “Look, even if you have someone else, that’s fine. But don’t leave my house. We (men and women) both have our faults, but we’re just trying to make things work…”

While admitting his own imperfections, Gaji also claims to be a good husband. He revealed that his ex-wife left him because of marital problems.

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He explained that his ex-wife made a sudden decision to end their marriage, which ultimately led to their break-up.

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