“My parents are evil” – Nigerian girl calls out her dad for allegedly m0lesting her for years, and her mum for covering up for him


A Nigerian girl took to Twitter to express her grievances against her parents.

@justsotired__ accused her dad of sexual1y m0lesting her for years and accused her mother of covering it up.

She says this has been happening since she was a child and when she told someone about it at age 12, the m0lesting got even worse, with her dad resorting to physical violence when he had the chance.

Sharing a photo of herself and her dad, she wrote,


“A picture of me and my dad who m0lested me for years. Physically, verbally, mentally, financially abused me. I was 12 years here. The year I told everyone he was touching me. My life got worse cause my dad hit me for every slightest opportunity he got.

You can see how sad I was here. I hated taking pictures or being around him. No family or relative could relate to my pain. This man hurt and broke me in ways I didn’t ask for. This period he beat me so much almost every day. Was also the period he locked me in the cell.

He would wipe his shoes with a tissue paper and put in my food. When he also locked me up in a cell I was a teenager and I slept on cold smelly concrete urine, mosquito and feces infested cell room. He told everyone I was possessed and lying against him”

Read her full post below,

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