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Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi has reportedly done two DNA tests in secret amid online controversy

By john cee 37 Views

Investigative journalist Stella Dimokokorkus has alleged that Wunmi, the wife of the late singer Mohbad, has undergone two secret DNA tests amid ongoing online controversy.

According to sources, Wunmi conducted these tests privately and has not disclosed the results to the public or those close to her. It is reported that Mohbad’s father had been advocating for DNA testing, but Wunmi, assisted by a popular Yoruba Nollywood actress, opted for secrecy.


The first test apparently led to a second, and the results are said to be in the possession of the actress. Speculation suggests that these results could be shocking to the world. Despite public pressure for transparency, Wunmi and the actress have chosen not to make the results public.

The release of the DNA test results is hoped to bring an end to the ongoing drama, which has shifted focus from the circumstances of Mohbad’s death to the paternity of their son, Liam.

Recently, Wunmi celebrated her birthday, requesting that it be dedicated to her late husband. She expressed how this was the first time in a while she celebrated without him, describing Mohbad as her best friend, confidant, and gossip partner. She emphasized her love and devotion to their son, Liam, whom she considers a gift from Mohbad, urging his fans to celebrate and pray for him on her birthday.

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