Mohbad didn’t die in our hospital – Perez Medcare Hospital reveals


The Perez Medcare Hospital, where Mohbad was taken on September 12, has confirmed that he arrived at the hospital already deceased.


The hospital, in an Instagram statement on Monday evening, clarified that Mohbad arrived around 4:30 pm on that day, showing no signs of life. They also refuted rumors that the singer was admitted to the hospital.


The Perez Medcare Hospital clarified that they did not treat Mohbad and that he was brought in lifeless. They explained that after assessing him, there were no signs of life, and attempts at resuscitation revealed that he was brought in dead.



They also stated that he was not admitted to their hospital and the nurse who reportedly administered treatment at home was not their staff. Additionally, the video circulating on the internet showing Mohbad receiving treatment was not from their hospital.

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