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Mining Metacore

To earn Metacore, just be active in our community! Visit theteleblog in the morning, read news, and share your thoughts in the forum.

Think of it like joining a cool club where you contribute and engage. Once you’re in, it’s super easyβ€” just hit the “start machine” button for your daily check-in (mining) session, and you’ll earn Metacore based on the current rate every hour for the next day. The More you participate, the more you earn.

So, the more you participate, the more you earn!

Together We Grow

When you and your friends mine together, We grow together. Metacore is a project that focus on promoting togetherness. And here’s Why:

Let assume you mine 1000 Metacore/hour equals $10 on theteleblog before bringing your friends. When you invite your friends to mine Metacore on theteleblog, your earnings go up, and so do theirs! Imagine this: mine at the same time with 5 friends you brought in, and you get up to 25% increase on the value of metacore, which equals 12.5 Metacore per hour. Your friends get the same deal!

How does this magic happen? Well, when your friends join our community, they become part of the platform’s activity. This not only boosts your mining rate but also increases the page views on theteleblog. More page views and more contributions mean more rewards for everyone – because (More activity on theteleblog) = (More shared rewards!).

This is the power of the metacore network and the reward for the trust you and your friends have in each other!

Let’s grow and earn together! πŸš€

Metacore: The Future Of Crypto

Imagine Bitcoin as this huge digital family that grows stronger and more valuable as more people positively contribute to it. Metacore follows a similar path, but with a twist – it’s set to be even better than Bitcoin, the biggest of them all!

When you and your friends mine Metacore on theteleblog, it’s like being part of an exciting digital revolution. Your positive contributions, combined with your friends’, create a vibrant community. But here’s the kicker – Metacore aims to outshine Bitcoin and become the ultimate digital success story.

What makes it extra special? The more page views and contributions from users like you, the more revenue is generated and shared among the community. This shared revenue doesn’t just stop there – it fuels the Metacore project, making it even more awesome.

Now, here’s the real magic: when members come together in a small community like ours, we can bring about significant change in today’s world. It’s not just about mining and earning – it’s about shaping the future of Metacore and making a bigger impact on the world. So, let’s join hands, contribute positively, and watch as our small community creates a ripple effect of positive change! πŸŒπŸ’‘

This is your network!
This is your micro-community!

Here on theteleblog community, the saying β€œfriends of my friends are my friends” holds true. And here’s the cool part – you earn rewards when your friends step up their game. So, the more friends you make, the more rewards you snag!

And there’s an extra perk: If any of your friends grab a license and level up to Tier 2 or Tier 3, you score a sweet bonus of over 60% of the core premined Metacore. It’s like a little bonus treat for you when your friends take things to the next level. So, spread the word, build your network, and watch those rewards stack up! πŸŒŸπŸš€