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How to Short Sell Metacore to us?

Short-sell is the term used when you no longer want to hold on to your metocore coins, and you decide to sell them for profit.

If you no longer want to keep your metacore coins and want to sell them for profit, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the Transfer button, and when the form pops up, fill it out to start the sale process.

  2. In the “Recipient” field, enter the name “theteleblog.” By transferring your metacore to our recipient, it signals that you’re initiating a sale. We’ll credit your theteleblog account with NAIRA as soon as we receive your metacore. The rate at which we’ll buy from you is based on the current MTC/NGN exchange rate, as updated on theteleblog.

Receiver: theteleblog

When Can Metacore Be Redeemed

Latest Development: The redeem function take place anytime, you can redeem your metacore anytime you wanted. The minimum requirement for metacore redeem is currently 1,000,000 metacore.

When you click on “Redeem Token,” your coins undergo a scanning process, which reviews all the coins you’ve earned and how you acquired them. The system identifies and removes any tokens obtained mistakenly or through illegitimate means, processing the rest.

Important: If there’s a significant amount of unauthorized mining, we may permanently close your account. To avoid this, please use this link to learn how to legally mine metacore on theteleblog.

How to Receive Metacore?

Copy your username and paste it for a friend, ask them to transfer you metacore from their own metacore wallet. Your theteleblog username/email is capable to receive metacore from any user on theteleblog.

How to Transfer Metacore?

Click on the Transfer button and a popup form will appear to you and when it does, fill out the neccessary information into the form. Fill out the following:

Recipient User: The name of the person you like to send money to.

Amount: Enter the amount you like to send.

Comment (optional): This is little write up you can attach to the form and the reciever will get the note.