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“Men are also humans and deserve love” Popular Podcast Personality, Saido Boj, Apologizes for Controversial Comments on Men

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In a surprising turn of events, podcast celebrity Saido Boj has issued a public apology to Nigerians for her previous statements regarding men. Boj had sparked outrage with her comments suggesting that men should do 100% of everything and pay a hefty sum of 20 million naira to date her.

However, in a recent statement, Boj expressed remorse for her words, stating that she has realized her mistake after reading comments from the public. She acknowledged that men are also human beings who deserve love and respect.


In a bid to make amends, Boj proposed a revised ratio, suggesting that men should do 98% of the effort while women contribute 2%. She emphasized the importance of shared responsibilities and mutual respect in relationships.

Boj’s apology has been met with mixed reactions, with some accepting her gesture and others criticizing her for not fully retracting her previous statements. Nevertheless, her willingness to listen and adapt has been noted by many.”

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