“Mark Angel is one of the richest comedian, don’t be deceived by his dressing” – Alibaba shares


Popular Nigerian stand-up comedian Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome professionally known as Alibaba has revealed during an interview section with the Honest Bunch podcast that his colleague Mark Angel is one of the richest comedian.

He also disclosed that the script writer and video producer earns up to 300,000 dollars every month from social platforms.

Mark angel who rose fame after he shared a short video he titled ‘Oga landlord’ is best known for his Mark Angel Comedy series on YouTube.

Where he mostly features child comedians like his cousin Emmanuella Samuel and her niece, Success Madubuike.

Alibaba has now revealed that Mark Angel is one of the richest comedian, judging by the amount he earns on social platforms.


Alibaba also added that people tend to judge Mark Angel by his style of dressing but little do they know that he earns 300,000 dollars monthly.

He said, “You know some people still don’t believe that, when you say Mark Angel is one of the richest comedian they don’t believe, until someone then hears how much YouTube, Facebook pay him every month, you hear somebody is making close to 300,000 dollars every month and you’re like is it not that guy that wears big knicker. If he was dating a banker or politician or someone who works in an oil and gas company, they would be like it’s the oil and gas money.”

Watch the video below,

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