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Man Uses Old Newspapers to Decorate Apartment, Saves Money on Wall Paint 

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A creative Nigerian man showed people how to be economical when redesigning their room’s walls The young man spent N3,500 to get gum and got old newspapers for free to carry out the interior decoration Many people were wowed by how much the room changed after he was done with it, as some said they could read the newspapers’ headlines 

A brilliant Nigerian man showed people how he changed his room to a beautiful one using old newspapers. Before redesigning the room, he showed that the apartment had a cracked wall. He said he spent N3,500 on the whole decor. 


Newspapers as interior decor materials After getting newspapers for free, he spent close to 8 hours in a video to paste each spread on the wall. When he was done, the room’s outlook was amazing. 

Many people in his comment section said he (@_justlookgood) deserved more praise for turning the room around with little money. Looking at the time spent pasting the newspapers, he was asked how many of the packs he used, and his response was: “To be honest, I don’t know.” Watch the video below:

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