Man dumps girlfriend for visiting his house without calling him first


A man has reportedly decided to break up with his girlfriend because she had come to his residence without telling him first.

The shocking situation was shared on social media by Nollywood actress Anita Joseph who narrated how her friend’s partner broke up with her because she invaded his privacy.

The actress declared on her Instagram page that a woman is dating herself if she has to call her partner before visiting his home.

She wrote;

“So someone told me today That her boyfriend broke up with her because, she didn’t call him before coming to his house according to him don’t invade my privacy eweee inukwa taaaa.


She said what’s my Advice “Onu m adiro kwa mma I told her the truth, if you have to call your man every time you need to go to his house, then you’re dating yourself Shallom” Use your tongue and count your teeth Shallom. Like how ina apu al* Biko merry Christmas.”

Reacting to the information, Sonia wrote; “but you should actually call someone before visiting no matter who the person is I even call my mum@before going to see her is not a big deal”

Ene commented; “Even as a married woman, i call my husband before i visit him at work or when he’s working out the state. we are in africa. what you don’t know will not kill you.”

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