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“Love fades; marry someone with sense” – Throwback video of comedian Basketmouth’s wife giving marriage advice resurfaces amid marriage crash (Watch)

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Netizens have dug up an old video of Elsie, wife of comedian Basketmouth, in which she advised singles to not just marry for love but use their heads.

This comes shortly after Basketmouth announced the end of his 12-year marriage to Elsie, the mother of his three kids.

He wrote on Instagram that “As much as it pains me to bring my personal life to the public space, this is an unavoidable situation. After much deliberations, my wife and I have made the difficult decision to end our marriage.”


In the resurfaced video, Elsie stated that love fades and urged people to use their heads instead of their hearts when making a decision to marry someone.

She pointed out that it is essential for partners to be sensible before deciding to marry and make sure that the person has sense.

“Before you marry anybody make sure you use your head not your heart, love is important in marriage but not the thing that should guide you because love fades. It’s marriage, not a vacation it’s a lifetime commitment, nobody goes into marriage hoping to get a divorce, Marry someone that has sense, that is the most important thing in marriage in order to make marriage work.” She said.

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[Watch the video here]

See some comments the video elicited below,

@queenethlondon, “The marriage didn’t end today, we just got to hear today… so long before now they were dealing with the plenty issue”.

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@blinkinslange, “So after all these point she practice they still divorce as for me I no longer listen to ppl coz most of them don’t know what they r talking about”.

@properties_by_susan, “What she said is the fact. Maybe one of them don loose in sense. As long as it’s not from blessing ceo it’s valid”.

@debbytwist, ”So I’m summary now , she dey try talk say our basket mouth no get sense 😢😢??”