List of Unapproved Phones to Avoid in Nigerian Markets, as NCC Warns Against Their Use


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has warned consumers against purchasing and using unapproved gadgets.
The commission also issued severe penalties for marketers who sell counterfeit devices to Nigerians.
NCC made the announcement in a statement after arresting one Yahaya Ado of Gezawa Communications Limited for selling counterfeit Gionee devices.

Ado, NCC also stated, was unable to produce any evidence of commission authorization granted to the company.
Dangers of using unapproved devices
The NCC said in a statement that unauthorised gadgets have degraded the quality of experience while leaving customers vulnerable to losses and other inconveniences.
According to reports, the team was led by the NCC’s Head of Enforcement, Mallam Salisu Abdu, who raised worry about how the GSM Market on Beirut Street in Kano was flooded with counterfeit and non-type certified phones.
Here is a list of unapproved phones in Nigeria
1. Gionee branded phones with model numbers G800, and L990
2. H-Mobile phones with model numbers it5606+, and H351
3. FoxKong with model numbers F30, and F300
4. KGTEL phones with model numbers K2160 and KG1100
List of Approved Phones
Meanwhile, the National Communications Commission’s website has developed a list of 1,891 approved phone models from various manufacturers.
Nokia, Apple, Fero, Motorola, Huawei, Sony Ericsson, Itel, LG Samsung, and others are among the phones listed.

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