Lady calls off her wedding 3 days to the D-day because her fiancé refused to contribute for the preparations.


A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to reveal why she call off her wedding.

According to the lady identified as Kemi, she revealed that she called off her wedding because her fiancé has refused to give money for the preparations.

She claimed that since he proposed to her and set a date for the wedding, she has been paying for everything herself because he has made no contributions to the wedding arrangements.

She canceled just three days before the wedding, mentioning her fiancé’s nonchalant attitude as the main reason for her action.

The young lady added that she decided to call off the wedding after seeing a counselor, though she is unsure if she made the correct choice.


Kemi wrote; ”Just called off my wedding because of my fiancé nonchalant attitude. This guy hasn’t dropped one penny and wedding is in 3days, he keeps saying his money is in fixed deposit and that he will refund me. Spoke to a counselor and decided to call it off. Hope I did the right thing.”

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