‘I’ve Never Toasted A Girl In My Life’ – Actor, IK Ogbonna Brags


Ikechukwu Ogbonna, the Nollywood actor popularly known as IK Ogbonna, recently mentioned that he’s never directly asked a lady out before. Despite having been married to Sonia Morales in the past, he emphasized this aspect of his dating life.

During a chat on the Petite Talks podcast, the actor shared that his relationships usually kick off as friendships.

He stated that he never formally approached a girl to express romantic interest, and much of his experiences began as genuine friendships.

According to him, the progression often involved growing close as friends and eventually developing feelings that led to relationships.



Interestingly, Ogbonna recalled playfully interacting with his ex-wife, Sonia Morales, on social media before their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship.


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