“I’ve been getting death threats because I blocked Mohbad’s direct messages,” says Oxlade.


Oxlade clarified in a statement on his social media that he didn’t block Mohbad’s messages due to pride, as some thought.

Oxlade, the well-known Nigerian singer, has clarified why he restricted the late rapper Mohbad’s messages on Instagram. This issue arose when Oxlade shared a screenshot of his chat with Mohbad while paying tribute to him, revealing that he had restricted Mohbad’s DMs.


In a statement posted on his social media account, Oxlade explained that he didn’t do this out of pride, as some had speculated. Instead, he restricted messages from important people and friends to communicate to his management, who oversee his social media accounts, that these restricted messages are meant for his personal attention.



He went on to mention that he’s been facing death threats since this issue gained attention. Oxlade then addressed the challenges of managing a high volume of direct messages, stating that artists like him have teams to assist with that. He restricts certain accounts to be viewable only on his phone so that he can personally respond to those messages.



Oxlade expressed his frustration about being caught up in controversy while trying to grieve the loss of a friend. He emphasized the irony of being accused of bullying when he’s actually an advocate against it. He reiterated that he restricts accounts that he has a personal connection with, and this is a way of indicating to his management that messages from these accounts are of a private and personal nature.


He also reflected on the unexpected challenges he’s faced since this incident unfolded and noted that he won’t let it dim his light. He used the phrase “Imole season,” which suggests he’s in a positive and shining phase, and signed off with “Love; Gaza.”

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