“It took two years” — Hilda Baci underwent massive weight loss transformation to be physically fit to cook for hours (video)



Famous Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, reportedly engaged in a demanding regimen of physical and mental preparation in order to endure extensive hours of cooking.

Hailing from Akwa-Ibom, the chef has set her sights on breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest individual cooking session. To achieve her desired physical state, she dedicated two years to her journey, shedding an impressive 30kg.


A throwback video apturing Hilda’s astonishing transformation through weight loss has recently emerged on the internet. 

This development comes in the wake of her inspiring endeavor to surpass the existing record held by Indian chef Lata Tondon, who achieved an uninterrupted cooking time of 87 hours and 45 minutes in 2019.


Since embarking on the 4-day cooking marathon last Friday, Hilda has displayed an exceptional display of fortitude and endurance. 

She recently disclosed that she had previously weighed 110kg but has now triumphantly reached a current weight of 81kg. Her transformation showcases remarkable strength and resilience.


She also blamed her unhealthy eating habit for her excessive weight gain and said she has to be cautious to maintain her current weight..

“Some of you that just followed me don’t know this but used to be me at a point, I was weighing 110 kg and this is me today at 81 kg. It took me two years to get here; losing weight and getting my desired body wasn’t easy. It took a lot of steps, and now that I have lost weight I have to maintain it so I don’t go back to where I was coming from,” she said.

Watch the video below,


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