“Is it possible to love and still cheat on the one you love?” – Rufai Oseni sparks debate online


Famous Nigerian journalist, Rufai Oseni, has sparked an interesting debate on microblogging platform, Twitter, with a controversial question he posed to netizens.

In a tweet shared on Twitter, Rufai asked if it’s possible to be in love with someone and still cheat on them.

“Let’s debate is it possible to love and still cheat on the one you love?” he asked.
His question has since sparked varying responses online as some netizens agreed with him while others disagreed with cogent reasons.

Read some of the reactions below,

@lindaajayi3 wrote, “To love a person is to give it all in and be committed to them. This does not mean you would or cannot be tempted by others who seemingly look better than your partner, that is where discipline and contentment comes in.”


@chideraujah wrote, “Its not possible at all, cheating on someone you love will hurt the person, and you wouldn’t want to do anything that would hurt the one you love. So, its not possible to love and cheat on the one you love.”

@danmewo96 wrote, “Yes. Human emotions are not wired to run on ideal parallel lines. Love as a feeling is an affection that could cut across different rules. You can love different ppl for diff reasons.
Cheating is an act of indiscipline and not a result of absence of love.”

@omoluabi1sq wrote, “Very possible.Most especially for men.Men can cheat on their woman and still love the woman. When a woman cheats, you have lost her.”

See his tweet below,

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