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“Is it Jazz that makes them help around the house or be more romantic?” – Doctor queries Nigerian men in diaspora

By Olamide 31 Views

A Nigerian Medical doctor identified as Dr. Rommel has taken to his Instagram page to query what women abroad did for their husbands to make them more romantic and loving because Nigerian men at home do not show love like that.

The doctor begged Nigerian women in the diaspora to share whatever special secret they gave their men so men here would also show love like that to their partners.


Read his post below:

“Nigerian men are selectively romantic; hear me out before you argue with your keyboard.

Nigerian men in the diaspora and the ones in Nigeria are two different breeds. The Naija men abroad especially in America are very romantic and supportive of their wives. They clean, cook, take care of the kids, come and see them at Walmart and other grocery stores shopping. Their counterparts in Nigeria have a different story, they do not lift a finger at home, their wives have to do all the house chores or get domestic staff to help out.

Is it that the women in the diaspora are more romantic, thus making the men more supportive and loving, or is it the weather, or the abroad culture, or the assumption that a man is under the influence of his wife’s “jazz” (voodoo) if he helps round the house?

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Whatever it is, the women in the diaspora should cut soap for Nigerian women in Naija so we can elicit romance in the men at home.
Which woman doesn’t want romance from her man? Bobo and Sisi, drop your input!”

Originally posted 2022-10-21 08:10:45.