“I’m proud of her” – Nigerian man celebrates his girlfriend who returned N75,000 a male admirer sent her.


Adekunle, a Nigerian man, took to social media to proudly express his admiration for his girlfriend and the impressive decision she made.

The man revealed that an admirer of his girlfriend had reached out to her and gifted her N75,000; however, instead of keeping the money, she returned it to him.

Adekunle was exceptionally proud of this gesture.

“So this guy finally got a chance to speak to my babe and boom e send am 75k as gift. Omo I thought you all were always capping about stories like this, ajeh na man Dey do man true true, she sent it back oo I was so damn proud and happy. [she told me she sent it back]”, he wrote on Twitter.

“For those asking, she was selling something so he came to buy, he was to pay N2800 and he asked if he could pay with transfer and she agreed. So instead of her to see a credit of N2800 she then saw N75000. She had to reject and insist that he gets his money back.” He added.

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