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“I’m glad she’s no longer in my life” – Singer Temmie Ovwasa speaks on cutting off ties with her mum


Temmie Ovwasa, Controversial Nigerian singer, has said she’s happy she cut ties with her mother.

The 25-year-old made this statement during a question and answer period on her instagram story, while speaking on her strained relationship with her mother.


Replying to a question on how it felt to cut ties with her mum, The singer, who revealed that she had a traumatizing childhood, said it was hard to break ties with her mother, but she is pleased she did.

According to her, her mum like many other women, is ”caught up in the lies, toxicity and abusive cycles”.

“I’m glad she’s no longer in my life, but I mourn the person I would have been if she didn’t traumatize me so much. It took me years to finally cut her off, a very difficult process, but I’m healing and mothering myself like I deserve to be mothered”, she wrote in part.

Speaking further, Temmie Ovwasa also shared her mother’s reaction when she discovered she is a lesb!an. She noted that when her mother realized she is a lesb!an, after she was caught writing love letters to girls, she took her for deliverance sessions and had men of God lay hands on her.

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