“If you are called Mummy’s Boy, please wear it with pride.” – Nigerian man says


A Twitter user with the handle Sir Dickson, has given a breakdown of what it means to be a ‘Mommy’s boy’ and why men should be happy to be referred to as such.

In a lengthy piece, the Nigerian man explained why men should wear the title with pride, following the exchange between Steff and Burnaboy.

According to him, having your mother in your business came from a place of trust and security and it was a recipe for success.

He wrote;

“Mummy’s Boy” is a victim of the Feminism curse. When feminists do toxic and senseless things they do it under guise of feminism. When you call them out, others say they are not real feminists/you don’t know what feminism is.


If you have grown to trust a person’s judgement for a large part of your life, it is not inconceivable that such a person will still be trusted even in marriage even though that person is your mother.
Trust is earned and the implication that the person you marry has to be the one you trust most is not realistic. Many times, the ones we choose are the ones we arm to destroy us the most and this happens a lot. The biggest love and security comes from your mother.

Moving on, your friends do not have a problem with you involving your mom in everything if you trust her, nobody has a problem is this is between a girl and her dad or a girl and her mom or a guy and the dad.
The fact that this problem arises only in a Guy – Mother relationship has no bearing on lack of maturity or growth but on the fact that women are uncomfortable with a man that is too close to the mother.

Newmarket is a Daddy’s boy snd rhe mother doesn’t even fight it. The father has been close to him since he was a child and is his confidant in everything from personal to professional. Now he manages all his affairs because he is the one Neymar trusts. Not one soul has a problem
There are footballers whose mom play that role – especially South Americans like Jesus and Chicarito to mention a few. She even lives with them. You can put up any argument but I’ve not seen a mother divert her son’s wealth to herself either by crook or legal means.

But I can list 10 players off the top of my head who went bankrupt because the wife they trusted with everything divorced snd took all their money or diverted his money through crooked means after trusting her to manage his affairs.
The point here is not to sat that you should not trust your woman. The point is that trust is earned and people do not lose their trusted position just because someone is married to you. It is not easy to find someone to trust that much and when it is family, it is a blessing.If your mother’s guidance and advice protects you and keeps you safe, it doesn’t matter if you are 40, maintain that your close relationship. Not everyone has that. Don’t throw yours away. It is not a flex. You’ll always be a child to your mother anyway.

Back to the definition of what is mummy’s boy and what isn’t, you people.need to drop the dishonesty and wake up. Replace mom with senior sister and it is still a problem. It is never a problem with senior brother.
The problem is that women do not want you trusting another woman that isn’t her – even if it is family. It has nothing to do with maturity. You’re not immature for trusting the women in your family with your affair.
If you are called Mummy’s Boy, please wear it with pride. It is a privilege denied many. You are a lucky one.

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