“If I ever plan to get married, God should take my life” – Heartbroken engineer laments.


A young engineer identified as @seyirighthere has vowed to never attempt to get married in his life and claims he does not care about the consequences or what his family member may think about his decisions.

Taking to Twitter, The twitter user vowed never to get married. He also went as far as giving God the permission to smite him down if he ever planned to change his mind.

Netizens refused to take him seriously because such an action was drastic and he decided to share his reason, his fiancé cheated on him with another man and left him heartbroken. This betrayal stemmed his recent believe in the anti marriage movement.

See his tweet below:

“I’m making this declaration today, I Seyi Oluleye will never get married. I will never, I know they will call family meeting on my head but I don’t care. I will never get married. NEVER!! If I ever want to do it, God should take my life before the day. I will never do it Stg


My fiancé went to sleep with another guy, got disvirgined by the guy. As in person I want to spend my whole life with og”

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